What Happens During Dental Implant Restoration?

By: Dr. Junée F. Gardy


Dental implants are a popular restorative treatment – and for a good reason. Implants are not only durable, but they look just like your natural teeth. They’re also easier to care for than removable dentures.

It's rare for implants to become damaged or to need replacement, but it does happen. Junée F. Gardy DDS, PA can provide dental implant restoration to restore your smile and improve your oral health.

Dr. Junée F. Gardy is an experienced implant dentist who always educates people about what to expect during any treatment. Below, we discuss the steps involved in implant restoration in Naples, FL.

What are dental implants made of?

Dental implants are designed for people who are not interested in temporary or removable dentures. Implants can support a single dental crown, multiple crowns, or even a full set of teeth.

An implant is a post made from titanium that, when placed in the jawbone, acts as an artificial tooth root. Titanium is a strong and biocompatible metal that fuses with your jawbone over time, providing a sturdy foundation for restoration like a crown. The result is a seamless smile that feels completely natural.

How do implants become damaged?

It's possible for dental implants to become loose or damaged. The most common reason for implant failure is poor oral hygiene – without adequate brushing and flossing, plaque can build up around the implant, causing infection and other unwanted complications.

Other causes include:

  • Trauma to the mouth
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Eating hard foods
  • Chewing on ice
  • Using your teeth as tools

If you experience pain around the implant site, swelling or redness around the implant, discharge, or sensitivity to temperature changes, contact our office in Naples, FL right away. These could be signs of an infection that must be treated immediately.

How we prepare for dental implant surgery

Implant dentist Dr. Gardy begins the process with a consultation to determine your candidacy for surgery. We conduct a thorough examination of the implants and review your current x-rays. The goal is to make sure there are no underlying conditions that could complicate the process. We then develop a treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Patients may feel anxious about their procedure, but dental implant restoration does involve a form of sedation to ensure their comfort. Dr. Gardy also uses minimally invasive methods and state-of-the-art tools whenever possible.

Long-term care for dental implants

Junée F. Gardy DDS, PA provides detailed instructions about caring for your dental implants after surgery. Treat implants like your natural teeth by brushing and flossing daily, as well as visiting us for regular checkups and cleanings. Dental implant restoration is a great investment in your oral health and overall quality of life.

Implants can fail, but with proper care, they may last a lifetime. If you have any concerns about your implants, don't hesitate to give us a call. Rest assured that our team works diligently to restore your smile back to its full glory.

Repair damaged dental implants

Dental implants do not have to be a daunting process. With the help of a compassionate implant dentist like Dr. Junée F. Gardy, you can achieve the perfect smile. Learn how we restore your teeth by scheduling a consultation at Junée F. Gardy DDS, PA. Our Naples, FL team looks forward to helping you achieve optimum oral health!

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